Warning: [Important] Prior to sunset of Reizouko at Mar. 31st 2023, new account registration has been closed. Please see News for more information.
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For new comers

You can use Reizouko as soon as you sign in to each application with the icons above.
Using Reizouko needs agreement to the user policy .
Please read the user policy enough and agree to it first, and then sign in.
By signing in, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the user policy.

What is "Reizouko"? Open detailed help

Stick your images on

Drag-and-drop images into Reizouko to upload.

Move and resize images by drag.

You can upload any other files than images.

You have 2GB storage for free.

Stick your memos on

Double-click to make a text box.

Write memo in it.
You can also resize and move.

You can make 2,000 memos and each memo can have 20,000 characters.

Did you say "where is the save button"?
Focus out from the text box to save.


Reizouko is available for free now and will also be so in the future. If you could help me by making a donation, I would greatly appreciate it! Please make a donation ...